XNet-RSS is a native AmigaOS4.x RSS News reader.
It has automatic charset convertion and doesn't need any external library.
Could be integrated with any web browser to display RSS news pages.
Automatic package update is available via AmiUpdate.
Requires AmigaOS4.1 update 1

Licence: freeware
Availability: version 53.2 released on OS4Depot (19 Apr 2010)
Requirements: AmigaOS4.1 update 1 or above
Download: xnet_rss.lha

New features added from the 53.1 release:

- Prefs: added support for the notification system, this allows to read news headlines via pop-up messages (requires AOS4.1 update 1)
- Prefs: splitted RSS feeds and generals preferences tab into two tabs
- NET: on OS4.1 update 1 use the new URL Handler instead of the optional OpenURL to open the web browser on the relevant news web page
- RSS: improved RSS feeds compatibility
- GUI: added listbrowser striping for better readability
- GUI: RSS feeds groups folding/unfolding status is now saved

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