Ringhio is a native, system-wide notification server for AmigaOS4.1.
It display pop-up messages showing information and images from other running applications, scripts and services.
Applications, scripts and services may access Ringhio functionalities via AREXX port or via application.library.
Before sending any message to the Ringhio server, applications need to register with the server and the user may choose, from the Ringhio preference editor, which registered applications are allowed to show pop-up messages, and can change the graphical apparence of the pop-up messages.
Messages are displayed by default on the Workbench screen, but registered application may request to the server to display messages on the front screen or to a named screen.
Moving with the mouse over a pop-up message will block it momentarily from disappearing, and in case, it could be closed via the close button showed.
Double clicking on a pop-up messages will send back a message to the application, in case the application provided it to Ringhio.

Availability: released with AmigaOS4.1 update 1
Requirements: AmigaOS4.1 update 1 or above

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